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Before the pandemic, working from home seemed like the greatest luxury ever. I envied my friends who worked remotely. But many would say that it could be quite a challenge to separate work from home. One of my closest friends says, ” Home is work and work is now at home.”

I’ve read many articles about how employees are coping with being at home. I know people that have rented out co-working spaces just to get out of their homes. There’s a thing called work from home burnout. Aside from blogging and being an entrepreneur, I have a full-time job that I enjoy. I currently work from home and can relate to the burnout. This summer CNBC reported that 69% of employees working from home have experienced burnout. I’m a firm believer that a change of scenery can lead to you becoming more productive.

I’m about to blow your mind with a new trend. Have you heard that people are starting to rent out furnished apartments for their remote offices? Yes, it’s a thing. I couldn’t believe this when I first learned about it. You can live in the space short-term or you can use it solely for work. I like the idea of living in the space just to get a change of scenery. My kids would definitely enjoy it.

Here are a few reasons why this option may work for you.

  1. Accommodations- Oftentimes, business professionals utilize short-term furnished apartments. These short-term rentals provide them time to find a place and typically don’t provide a permanent option. Nevertheless, the rentals are equipped with everything that business professionals need to complete their job. This includes high-speed internet and a business center.
  2. Amenities- Maybe you need a mid-afternoon workout to get those creative juices flowing or to relieve some stress? Some furnished apartments come with fitness centers. Here in Atlanta Furnished Apartments Atlanta provides a fitness center with each location which is a huge plus for those of us who want to stay fit during the winter months but don’t have the means to do it within our tiny apartment or space. Plus the fitness center is right on the property so you can walk down to the location instead of having to drive and sit in city traffic to get there.

Furnished Apartments Atlanta is a family-owned company that has been in Atlanta since 1998. Clients can live in short-term rentals with high-quality amenities. Furnished Apartments Atlanta properties all have large living and bedroom areas, along with fully equipped kitchens and more. Covered parking, fitness and business centers, washers and dryers, balconies, fireplaces, and swimming pools are also included which is incredible when you live in the city. Sign me up!

These beautifully furnished short term rentals can also help you if you are a business traveler, home buyer, on a temporary assignment, a consultant, insurance displaced, or visiting friends and family. I love how they offer you the ability to still feel like your home away from home while allowing you to add your own personal touches to the space. It also can save you a lot of time and money to have a furnished rental because you won’t need to figure out how to move your items from point a to point b, saving you the headache. If you ever feel like you have any questions or concerns about this type of rental apartments, the friendly staff can be sure to help answer anything you need to ask. They are extremely friendly and go above and beyond to make sure your stay is as comfortable as possible.

Although, I’ve written mostly about how furnished apartments can help you with work from home burnout. These short term rentals can also help you if you are a business traveler, home buyer, on a temporary assignment, a consultant, insurance displaced, or visiting friends and family, a furnished apartment is a great option for you. 

Recently, my family and I traveled to Avon, CO, and stayed in a furnished apartment. This was the best experience ever. We’ve always stayed in 4 and 5-star hotels, but the fully furnished apartment was the absolute best. It felt cozy, inviting, and sure to keep us coming back year after year. If you ever feel like an apartment is something you want to try and do instead of staying in a hotel, furnished apartments are the way to go.

Check out Furnished Apartment Atlanta if you need a furnished apartment in the Atlanta area. I’d love to hear your feedback in the comments below. Have you ever lived in a furnished apartment? If so, please share your experience as I’d love to hear more! 


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