6 Ways to Safely Entertain in your home

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With the holidays here, a lot of us are hosting events in our home, but according to the CDC, this isn’t the best idea ever because we are now going to see COVID cases spike in the upcoming weeks and months. My thought is that there HAS to be a way to safely entertain in your home, while keeping all guests and your family safe and sound. I brainstormed for way too long and came up with with these 6 ways to safely entertain in your home:

Entertain Outside

Being outside does help – a lot! There is no safe way to eat inside, unless everyone is wearing a mask the entire time and social distances a lot. The good news (and there is good news!) is that hanging out outside while social distancing is relatively safe. COVID droplets disperse rapidly in the open air, and if you’re keeping your face far from other people’s faces, you are highly unlikely to get sick or get them sick. Just don’t let the mere fact of being outside lure you into a false sense of safety. It’s still essential to keep your face out of droplet range of others. If you’re not socially distanced from someone, wear a mask. This can be hard for kids to remember, and it’s hard for some adults too, but it can protect yourself and others! Entertaining outside is an easy way to safely entertain in (technically out of, I guess) your home. Light up a bonfire, grab the s’more kits, and set up the corn hole boards.

Limit Your Circle

I saw a graphic the other day that showed what you think your bubble looks like vs. what it actually is. Your circle is really the people who you come in contact with + the people that they come in contact with. Not knowing who others have been socializing with is the riskiest component of getting together with people outside of your household, so when it comes to limiting your circle, limit it to those you trust and only those you trust.

Skip The Grazing Plates

One thing that I know is for sure: skip over the grazing plates. Nobody needs to accidentally double dip and then potentially get everyone sick. Also, sometimes when you have a charcuterie board, people touch the cheese in order to cut it properly. Yuck, right? A grazing plate and/or a charcuterie board are by far the worst picks for party food during a pandemic, so skip over the grazing plates and choose other food instead. Not sure what to eat that is somewhat safe? Grilling is a great idea! Something hot off the grill poses a very small risk to your guests (and to yourself) compared to other foods like grazing plates, lasagna where you serve yourself, or a bread bowl + butter. If you want to provide cooked food (you could always ask your guests to BYO food/drink), the best picks are grilled fish, meat, or hot dogs. Have your guests pull their serving off the grill and walk away.

Play Games Where Social DIstancing Isn’t Hard

Are you trying to figure out what you can do while social distancing? There are a few games that come to mind that do allow you to social distance some. Bocce ball and corn hole are great games for the outdoors and playing pool is a great option for the inside. A pool table would also be an amazing Christmas gift this year since most of us are home more often – and bored! Absolute Billiard Services offers new and old pool tables for sale + pool table supplies in Atlanta. They bring over 17 years of experience to the table (no pun intended) and over the years, they feel as if they have become better known as Atlanta’s billiard company for residential, commercial, moving, and services. “We focus on providing master-quality work matched with exceptional customer service. We move, refelt, assemble, disassemble, calibrate, and repair all makes and models of pool tables including antiques and one piece slate tables.” If you are looking for a place that knows the ins and outs of billiards, call Absolute Billiard Services. They will help you out no matter if you are looking to buy, repair, or move a table.

Promote Hand Washing

I don’t know about you, but I ALWAYS worry about bathrooms during cold and flu season. They just seem like breeding grounds for bacteria…but they are actually handy because it allows people to wash their hands frequently! If people spend three hours on your porch, chances are they are going to need to use the restroom. This consideration has dissuaded many potential hosts and guests. Whatever you can do as a host to promote hand washing is fantastic, so now is the time to buy cute pump soaps and fun decorative towels (disposable is great!).  Lay out the towels and have your guests bring them back and put them in the trash outside. It might feel nerve-racking, but since COVID is primarily a respiratory disease, you do not have to worry about surfaces *as much*.

Masks And Other Options

Last but not least, you have options! You can ask your guests to wear masks, to bring hand sanitizer, to bring chairs and space them out, to take their temperature before, etc. Even if you are hosting guests in your home, you do not have to be a sitting duck. Take action and necessary steps to make it comfortable for you and your guests!


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