Patio and Deck Decor Tips

This is a sponsored post by Brazilian Wood Depot.

Has the weather started to change where you are living? Here in the south, the weather has slowly started to get cooler which makes everyone excited for fall. There is something so magical about the leaves changing colors, sweaters to throw on, and making delicious apple cider with friends, neighbors, and your family. I am here for it! One of the things big projects I’m working on when the season starts to change is getting my home ready. Of course, adding fall decor inside is exciting but you can’t forget about the exterior of your home as well. We spent a lot of time outdoors and our deck area is used quite a bit for the summer. I want to make sure to give it a fresh look for the fall as well so I’m sharing a few tips and tricks I do to bring my vision to life.

  1. Pick A Color Scheme- This is one of the easiest ways to update your deck for the new season. During the summer you always have lighter and brighter colors to use but in the fall you’ll want to dark that up. If you already have a bit of green with ferns or other plants that you used during the warmer months, incorporate that into your color scheme so you aren’t starting from scratch. You can add various pink and white in a mum form or any bold gold and black accents to add some contrast as well. 
  1. Swap Out Throw Pillows- Another simple way to update your deck for the fall is adding various throw pillows. Similar to picking a color scheme you want these throw pillows to be plush, heavy-duty, and weather resistant. This also is a way to get creative with different patterns. Mix buffalo plaid with leopard or various textures with them! You can add them to existing furniture or even place them near the ground for a cozy spot for people to sit near. 
  1. Trade-In Lanterns For Heavy Duty Ones – I’m a huge fan of glass lanterns to bring some extra light to our porch but with harsher weather coming into play, I wanted to find some that are a bit more weather resistant. There are a few planters and candles with LED in them that are perfect for fall. They bring in some warmth of course but then I’m not worried about the cold knocking the glass lantern over and shattering them within a few minutes of putting them on the deck. It just gives me peace of mind and yours too!
  2. Get Things Fixed- While I’m sure you enjoyed your deck all summer long, there may have been a few things for you to want to improve with fall approaching. One of the things I do is look at my deck to see if any boards need replacing, any cracks need fixing or if I need to restrain any to give it a fresh look. Recently I heard about a company called Brazilian Wood Depot. This company offers what’s called hardwood decking and really piqued my interest. For instance, their tigerwood decking was something I had never seen before, with the wood looking almost like tiger strips! It was so unique and different that I knew if I ever needed to replace my deck, this would be what I wanted!
  3. Add All The Pumpkins – Of course, everyone has all the gorgeous mums and pumpkins but it’s because it is such a staple for fall and obviously this had to make the list. It may be difficult to find white large pumpkins but you can always grab what you find at the store and spray paint them white if you so choose. Grab a few large, medium, and small ones and play around with decorating them on your deck. Of course, keep a few to carve and keep the backyard just as cute as the front!

I’m sure there are many more exciting tips and tricks you have to get your deck ready for fall but these are a few that you can start right now. Remember, you don’t need to go out and purchase all new things. See what you have and work around it as far as a color scheme goes. Don’t be afraid to try some “DIY” stuff too to see what happens. Of course, when it comes to your deck itself, you’ll want to call in a professional to help you make sure everything is sturdy, in place, and within your budget. What are some tips you have?


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