My Business is Booming

I desire to post consistently to my blog; however, my notary business has been booming. I prayed for my business to increase and it did in September. Most people think a notary doesn’t make any more than $5 to $10 per appointment. In some cases, that’s the going rate. Nevertheless, some notaries make over $100K.

Some appointments will pay up to $200 for an hour or two worth of work. Yes, I’ve had those appointments. When the economy goes south, notarial work increases.

When I started my mobile notary business over 2.5 years ago, I never set out to be anything other than a loan signing agent (LSA). Basically, I contract with mortgage lenders to service their customers. As an LSA, I also work with annuity and ID verification companies.  In order to become an LSA, you must have a background check and pass a signing agent exam.

Generally, I receive a text message about work in my area. I can accept or decline it. Some companies may call you.

I pride myself on providing a great customer experience, which leads to repeat customers. This also causes lenders to request me as their preferred notary. Relationship building is a must when growing this business. I network with the schedulers from various signing companies. I always keep in touch with closing attorneys.

If you are interested in learning more, email me at My rates start at $100 for a 1.5-hour session. I help get you completely set up. Before last month, I would help people get started for free. But my time is extremely limited.

Complete the form below if you’d like to chat for about 15 minutes about your mobile notary business.


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