Nashville, Tennessee downtown skyline at twilight

Last month, my husband and I traveled to Nashville. It was a 32-hour getaway. We enjoyed our short time in Nashville.

Was I apprehensive about traveling during a pandemic? Absolutely, but mentally, I needed a kid free weekend. We all need to recharge during this pandemic. And I had been quarantined with my family for 4 months. Traveling has always brought me joy and I needed this break.

Our flight time was 45 minutes from ATL.   ATL is the world’s busiest airport and it was heartbreaking to see how few people were at the airport.  Keidrick parked the truck at 3:00. Our flight was scheduled to depart at 3:42 pm. And ye,s we made it through security with time to spare.

We stayed downtown at the Hilton Garden Inn. I can’t even imagine how many people vacationed in Nashville pre-COVID. You need your walking shoes while in Nashville. While riding in our Uber, we noticed several outside bachelorette parties. Nashville is the bachelorette capital of the world. I can only imagine how many parties were taking place before the pandemic.

Some people call it Nash-Vegas. Nashville has a Las Vegas/New Orleans vibe. This city has great music, food, and entertainment. We ate at BB Kings and Prince’s Hot Chicken. I also grabbed some clusters from Goo Goo’s, which is a Nashville staple.

I loved the ambiance of BB Kings. This is the first and only restaurant I’ve dinned in since the pandemic started. The music was good and there’s nothing I’d change about the atmosphere. My food was okay. It was a little pricey considering that the food wasn’t the best. However, I’d still go back again because the music was just that good.

This Nashville hot chicken is something serious. Prince’s chicken is one the places that you should visit. I ordered chicken and waffles. The server stated the medium chicken was like eating jalapeños.

Y’all that chicken was HOT HOT!! I downed 2 cups of water. I know I couldn’t even eat the Nashville hot chicken!

I can’t wait to return. This place has stolen my heart. You should consider trying my recommendations. Lastly, if you choose to stay downtown, make it an adult-only getaway.

Goo Goo Cluster
Chicken and Waffles
Downtown Nashville
BB King’s


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  1. September 25, 2020 / 10:29 am

    Beautiful place. I have never seen waffle and chicken combo before but it looks delicious How was it?

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